Brian Wallace

  • Two Challenges AI is Facing Right Now

    Artificial Intelligence is seeing massive adoption in several industries like finance, digital marketing, e-commerce, and healthcare. There‚Äôs no denying that AI is here to stay, and some jobs are already in danger of being replaced by computer code. But for all its benefits, AI still has a few massive hurdles to overcome before becoming its […]

  • spatial computing

    Welcome to the World of Spatial Computing

    No doubt you have been watching the innovative technologies when it comes to the promise of virtual reality and augmented reality. A great display of multiple technologies converging into a superior experience in spatial computing was recently displayed with the new Apple technologies. Are you ready for the future of work and play? Check out […]

  • mobile devops engineering

    The Future of Mobile Devops Engineering

    If you want to stay ahead of the game in your programming career, make sure to keep a close eye on trends in devops engineering, particularly mobile devops engineering. Do you have what it takes to join into this lucrative market? Learn more about the ins and outs in this helpful infographic below, courtesy of […]

  • AI jobs

    Where are All of the AI Jobs?

    When we hear about AI, typically what goes with this growing trend is that many of the world’s jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence. That being said, AI will also create new jobs that will be needed for the AI industry to grow. But where are all of the AI jobs in the USA […]

  • future of payments

    A Visual Look at the Future of Payments

    What is in store for the future of payments? Many countries may be trying to get away from hard currency and gold reserves, others will seek out options in crypto and central bank digital currencies. Gaming and casino payments will also turn in to these technologies. See more about the future of payments in the […]

  • generative ai ebook

    Generative AI for Agencies – The Peer Interviews

    Nova, the creators of BrandGuard, has produced a recent eBook entitled “Generative AI for Agencies – The Peer Interviews.” You’ll want to check out the latest insights – for more information about what agency owners have to say, check out the eBook today.

  • recruit Gen Z

    How to Recruit Gen Z and Retain Them in the Workplace

    The age of Gen Z has arrived in the workforce in full force. Gen Z is coming of age that they will be a predominant generation making up a great deal of the nation’s workers. That said, is your business in tune with their needs and preferences to be ready to recruit and retain Gen […]

  • employee retention credit

    What is the Employee Retention Credit?

    During the pandemic, you probably heard about the PPP loans, but do you remember hearing about another program that could be of significant benefit to your businesses’ bottom line? It’s time to explore if your company is a fit to receive the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). Make sure to check if you are eligible as […]

  • corporate learning

    How Should You Measure Corporate Learning?

    When it comes to properly training your employees, how do you know that the learning and development programs are being carried out correctly and are truly effective? It is important to measure the impact of corporate learning through measuring the ROI. Learn more in the visual deep dive below, courtesy of Arist: Source: Arist

  • intelligent document processing

    What is Intelligent Document Processing?

    What is intelligent document processing and how can it assist in enhancing your business operations? Smart AI upping the game for forms and workflow is of critical importance. Learn more about how your organization can embrace this advance of artificial intelligence in the visual deep dive below, courtesy of Lazarus:

  • AI and humans

    The Future of AI and Humans Working Together

    Can AI and humans work together in harmony? AI may make our lives easier, but that doesn’t mean that it can do everything on its own. Learn more about the symbiotic relationship and how it harmonizes in the visual deep dive below: Source: Academic Influence