How to Be a Better Leader in Uncertain Times

There are many pitfalls to avoid in business leadership, especially in today’s uncertain times. This graphic about leading under pressure can help business managers avoid being mediocre under stressful conditions.

Business Leadership

Five Core Leadership Obligations

  • Themselves
  • Customers
  • Organization
  • Employees
  • Communities

Senior management leaders set the tone and create the company culture. A tone of accountability must be created for the success of the business.

Accountable Leadership

Today’s business leaders must be strong, resilient, and agile. They must dedicate a large amount of their time investing in themselves.

How Business Leaders Should Spend Their Time

  • 40% Investing in themselves
  • 30% Managing those with authority over them
  • 15% Managing peers
  • 15% Managing everyone else

Most managers are spending 40%-80% of their time on menial tasks that add little or no value to the company. Investing in their own personal development should be a priority.

Leadership Problems

Instead of investing in themselves, many business leaders actually have habits that make the hard work even harder and are counterintuitive.

Some of these bad habits include:

  • Waiting for permission from senior leaders before acting
  • Constantly needing good news
  • Confusing rough with tough
  • Needing to win at all costs
  • Mistaking effort for results
  • Getting in over their heads
  • Being distracted and lacking focus
  • Feeling victimized
  • Being insecure and failing to speak up
  • Losing perspective and not learning from mistakes

These constant struggles can make business leaders burn out, give up, or become mediocre at leadership.

What Is Mediocre Leadership?

Mediocre leadership has become very common. So much so that it’s pretty much the norm now. Over 80% of companies admit that they tolerate mediocre management.

Traits of Mediocre Leadership

  • Blames others
  • Selfish and self-serving
  • Uncivil, unpleasant, and mean
  • Inept and incompetent
  • Lack of initiative

Excuses for Mediocracy

  • Unclear expectations
  • Lack of role models
  • Overloaded with menial tasks
  • Little or no investment by the company in their development
  • Fear of failure
  • Under pressure to take on management role

Dangers of Mediocre Business Leadership

While 2/3 of business leaders feel that they are doing a great job creating empowering environments in which employees can thrive, only 1/3 of employees agree.

73% of employees say they spend a significant amount of time dealing with problems caused by ineffective management.

Mediocre leadership in business can destroy employee morale and engagement.